Japan, Day 4: Osu & Sakae

Finally the day to explore Nagoya – hello Day 4! This was more of a shopping day though so don’t expect cultural or technological tours. 🙂

In the morning, I went to Osu Shopping District and went around different anime shops such as Geepress, Mandarake, and Yellow Submarine.

Singapore, Day 3: Chinatown & Platform 1094

Went to YUM CHA CHINATOWN as recommended by our friends in SG. I only had the patience to take pictures of the first few dim sum we ordered.

We also visited PLATFORM 1094, which is a famous Harry Potter-themed café that offers dessert and drinks (including alcohol-based).

Bangkok, Day 3: Shopping + Food Trip

When I entered MBK, I was overwhelmed by the size. Good thing this was my only shopping stop for that day. I was able to go to an area where there were numerous stalls that sells clothes that are ideal as pasalubong. I also bought a few more tops for myself, all for 300 baht or below.

After shopping for clothes, I went to MONT NOM SOD as recommended by a close friend. I ordered the classic toast with milk and another toast with chocolate. Both were sinfully good, but I prefer the milk one because I find the chocolate to be a bit too sweet.

Bangkok, Day 1: Arrival + Exploring the City

I took a rest for about an hour before heading to one of the famous restaurants in Aree neighborhood — LAY LAO.

I decided to order slices of roast beef and som tam (green papaya salad) instead. I asked the staff to make the spiciness of som tam to be very mild… but it was still too spicy for me to handle!

Siem Reap, Day 5: Shopping + More Food Trip

r. Kim fetched us before lunch so that we could eat (again) in IL FORNO.

When we got there, we decided to eat in the same spot where we dined 3 days ago. One of the servers and Marzio, the owner, recognized us and smiled at us. Was it too obvious that we love their food?