Bangkok: A Chef’s Food Tour

MARCH 9, 2019

Long overdue post from BKK trip last year! My friends wanted to watch Maroon 5’s concert in BKK but because I did not buy a ticket, I looked for a different activity instead. I found A Chef’s Tour link focusing on the good food in Bangkok’s back streets (click here to know more).

I ate 20+ kinds of food during the tour and everyone in the tour was surprised because of my built. I was the only Asian participant but everyone was so nice. There was another person in the group who was a solo participant so we paired up and talked a lot.

Overall, this tour was really sulit (high value for money). Chef Nutth, our tour guide, was very lively and had a lot of stories on the stall owners and food we ate during the whole tour. We started at 4PM and ended around 9PM so it was like eating both afternoon snack and dinner in one go.

Our food #1 was in a stall where this auntie started cooking and her business at 16 y/o. She is already 71 y/o and wants to retire some time this year to try traveling for leisure. What Chef Nutth ordered for us was rice noodles with pork in special sauce.

Food #2: Tofu with dumpling, black sesame, and Chinese crackers. This snack is said to be good for digestion.

Food #3: Chinese chives dumpling

Food #4, 5: Glass noodles soup with pork; Chicken satay (with bread and sliced veggies on the side – to dip in the peanut sauce)

Food #6: Fish cake

Food #7, 8: Pennywort drink; Guava slice

Food #9: Egg noodles soup with pork (Egg noodles are handmade and grandpa is the 3rd gen owner/cook. Their broth is unique because it is cooked over charcoal.)

Food #10: Shrimp & pork dumpling (included in Michelin guide)

Food #11: Fried crickets (tastes good tbf!!!)

Food #12: Thai green curry chicken (Interesting because we ate along the sidewalk. This was the best food I have ever eaten in Thailand! Mark Wiens featured this place in his blog.)

Food #13: Peanut butter-flavored candy

Not part of our food stops but we passed by a long street full of restaurants specializing in seafood. This was part of Yaowarat.

Food #14: Salted caramel ice cream (Chef Nutth also made us try another cup of this but he poured a few drops of soy sauce and another cup with a few drops of chili… They tasted weird. Haha!)

Food #15, 16, 17, 18: Unripe mango with sweet chili dip; Seafood tom yum?; Grilled jumbo prawns; Sauteed green veggies with chili

Food #19, 20: Dragon’s beard candy; Fried donut with pandan coconut dip

Food # 21, 22: Sweet mango puree; Sticky mango rice (The perfect desserts to end this food tour!!!)

And that’s it for the food tour! If ever you will be in Bangkok, include this tour in your itinerary. 🙂

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