Kyushu, Day 14: Ohori Park

MARCH 17, 2020

We enjoyed oden, fish, and chicken during breakfast but the highlight was the kinako mochi. Airbnb grandparents brought out a small griller and placed the mochi there. When it was roasted, they gave us soybean flour to coat the mochi. I loved the combination of the nutty taste and chewiness of mochi!

We went to OHORI PARK afterwards and rode a swan boat (¥1,100 for 30 minutes). It was a relaxing activity for us even if we need to pedal the whole time… the scenery was calming and you could see that people were also enjoying the moment.

After time was up, we explored a bit more of Ohori Park…

…and found some flowers and trees already blooming.

Time to move on to the castle ruins!

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