Kyushu, Day 5: Kokutei Ramen (Kumamoto)

MARCH 8, 2020

How do you know you are in Kumamoto? When you see this mascot named Kumamon!

We ran a few errands after checking in and we found a great discovery for ofuro! It is called babu, a carbonated bath tablet. KAO is one of the popular brands for this and we bought the lavender variant. We used it every night and it was such a treat for the body ache/pain.

We finished around sunset and we decided to walk to our dinner place, which was almost 2km away. No regrets because we were treated to this view:

We ate dinner at KOKUTEI, famous for their Kumamoto-style ramen. Chicken is added to the tonkotsu broth and plenty of garlic is added – garlic oil and garlic chips. Right up my alley! I ordered their bestselling Tamagoiri ramen (¥1,250) and what was served was a bowl of ramen with pork fillets and two fresh egg yolks. The egg yolks added creamy texture to the broth which made it even nicer.

No ramen meal is complete without an order of gyoza. Nomnom!

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