Kyushu, Day 4: Hells of Beppu

MARCH 7, 2020

Our breakfast was also included in the room price and we had a lot to eat!

We checked out early but left our bags with the staff so that we could explore the HELLS OF BEPPU. There were a few spots near the ryokan and we decided to visit these. We chose 2 spots only because we had limited time before our train to Kagoshima.

We first went to UMI JIGOKU (¥400), literally translated to “sea hell”. Temperature is at 98oC and its pond is unique because of the cobalt blue color. It is said that this was created due to the explosion of Mount Tsurumi 300 years ago.

There was an indoor museum as well but most of the stuff were in Japanese.

A few of the trees in the area were already blooming flowers…

Last stop was ONIISHIBOZU JIGOKU (¥400). The name comes from the fact that the boiling mud looks similar to the shaved head of a bozu (Buddhist priest). There were different spots in the area to see boiling gray mud pools.

Interesting also to see an ashiyu (free foot bath) and a small “river” with rust color.

We went back to the ryokan afterwards then headed to Beppu Station. We still had more than an hour of waiting to do and it was nice to see a lounge for tourists in Beppu Station. Staying inside was free but we were a bit shy so C decided to avail the unli coffee inside.

That’s it for Beppu! Next stop is Kagoshima. 😊

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