Kyushu, Day 1: Nanzoin Temple

MARCH 4, 2020

We arrived in Fukuoka Airport the previous night so there was no time to explore anymore… Saw trusty Yoshinoya near the exit of the airport so we decided to eat dinner there first.

Our first stop in our first day was to visit NANZOIN TEMPLE. We took a train from Hakata Station going to Kidonanzoin-mae.

From Kidonanzoin-mae, it was just a short walk to the base of the stairs going to our destination. It was nice because in the middle of our climb, there was a ramp instead of stairs so the climb was manageable.

Passed by different statues during the climb…

…and finally reached the top – THE RECLINING BUDDHA.

The Reclining Buddha is regarded as the world’s longest bronze statue of Buddha (41m). The multi-colored cords tied to the hand is believed to connect worshippers to Buddha – offer prayer and be able to “shake hands”.

At the rightmost side, there was an area where you can see the feet up close.

The design on the sole is said to be The Bussoku, which carries the teachings and merciful heart of Buddha.

After going around, we walked back towards the train station to return to Hakata.

We had lunch in SHIN SHIN located in Hakata station – ordered their bestselling Hakata ramen and gyoza. Shin Shin’s ramen tasted different from Ichiran but it was really delicious!

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