France, Day 8: Au Revoir Paris

MAY 5, 2019

I wanted to attend a Sunday English mass for our last day in Paris (and Europe) but M could not find a schedule that would fit our itinerary. We went to Sainte-Chapelle instead since it was nearer than Palais Garnier. SAINTE-CHAPELLE was built by King Louis IX to house his collection of religious relics. It also has one of the most extensive collections of stained-glass windows in the world – estimated to be around 600 m2.

We visited first the Lower Chapel, which was previously used by palace employees. This chapel is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

We went upstairs to reach the Upper Chapel, which was previously used by the royal family and their friends. It was also here where the king stored his religious relics.

They also had a TV in this area which showed the process of restoring and cleaning stained glass windows. The careful and meticulous work that was needed to do it was so impressive to see.

We met with M afterwards to have our lunch at MUSCOVADO, a small restaurant owned by a Filipina.

Breakfast burrito

We spent the rest of the afternoon in M’s place to rest while M played PS4. Haha!

And, that’s the end of our almost 1-month trip in EU. My sister and I were fortunate enough to have our leaves approved without any difficulty. Our wallets were drained but thinking about the experiences and memories made, definitely no regrets!

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