France, Day 7: Mont Saint-Michel

MAY 4, 2019

Second to the last day in Europe… and our mission for this day was to visit MONT SAINT-MICHEL. This is located in Normandy, France. We heard from a tour guide that the place was built because of a dream, and it was dedicated to the archangel, Michael. It was also considered as one of the important pilgrimage site back in the Middle Ages. Another interesting point was that England was unable to seize this because of its location and fortification.

We took a train going to Villedieu-les-Poêles then from there, we rode a bus to Mont Saint-Michel. There was a free tour guide in the bus but all the facts she shared were in French so M was translating for us.

We reached the bus stop around lunch time so we dined in LA FERME SAINT MICHEL, which was just a few minutes away on foot.

Big, fresh oysters

After lunch, we went to a nearby bus stop which offers free ride going to the medieval-looking town of Mont Saint-Michel.

The wind in the area was very strong so we had to go inside as soon as we can where it was much calmer.

We did not have a tour guide but it was easy to follow the directions how to explore the key points in the area, including the abbey.

Before leaving, M told us that we should buy the famous biscuits from LA MÈRE POULARD. We also took a break at BRIOCHE DORÉE before heading back to the bus stop then train going back to Paris.

We were back in Paris at past 9PM and most of the restaurants were already closed. Thanks to M’s app, we were able find a dining place still open plus it was near Eiffel Tower.

We were supposed to wait for the lights show of the Eiffel Tower but it was freezing cold so we took a few pictures then headed back to M’s place.

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