France, Day 6: Jardins du Château de Versailles

MAY 3, 2019

Next stop in JARDINS DU CHÂTEAU DE VERSAILLES – which is the immensely wide gardens in Versailles. Honestly, we wanted to rent a golf cart but no one had (international) driver’s license so this was impossible. We had to go around on foot and that took us around 2 hours! There were a lot of Greek references especially with the sculptures. We also visited on a good day which included fountain shows.

For lunch, we decided to eat near the train station and found CUTIE’S CRÊPE. I ordered galette which had beef bacon and cheese then we shared an order of dessert crêpe.

We went back to M’s place and took a long nap in the afternoon. Château de Versailles drained our energy… well, more like the gardens. For dinner, we went to BOUILLON PIGALLE and I was surprised to see that they had cheaper prices than the average restaurant in Paris. We ordered deviled eggs, French onion soup, escargot with pesto sauce, and bœuf bourguignon. Everything was good so super sulit!

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