France, Day 5: Musée Du Louvre

MAY 2, 2019

We spent most of the afternoon during this day in MUSÉE DU LOUVRE. No need for introduction or further description on the Louvre because this is one of the very famous spots in Paris. I highly recommend that you buy tickets online (skip-the-line, if possible) as the lines can be really long.

It was very crowded when we visited that we had to strategically choose the sections we wanted to visit. Of course, Mona Lisa was part of our mission. Here are the highlights from our visit:

We also went to the exhibit showing off sculptures of Greek icons:

M also led us to see the Code of Hammurabi…

…an actual base of a fortress…

…and a sphinx!

I wanted to try the famous hot chocolate from ANGELINA but instead of getting this from the branch near the Louvre (where it was so crowded!!!), we went to a different branch. I loved how the chocolate was not sweet – leaning more towards dark chocolate.

For dinner, we met M’s friend and he served us really delicious homemade pasta.

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