France, Day 8: Au Revoir Paris

I wanted to attend a Sunday English mass for our last day in Paris (and Europe) but M could not find a schedule that would fit our itinerary. We went to Sainte-Chapelle instead since it was nearer than Palais Garnier. Sainte-Chapellewas built by King Louis IX to house his collection of religious relics. It also has one of the most extensive collections of stained-glass windows in the world – estimated to be around 600 m2.

France, Day 7: Mont Saint-Michel

Second to the last day in Europe… and our mission for this day was to visit MONT SAINT-MICHEL. This is located in Normandy, France. We heard from a tour guide that the place was built because of a dream, and it was dedicated to the archangel, Michael. It was also considered as one of the important pilgrimage site back in the Middle Ages.

France, Day 6: Château de Versailles

Another exciting day because it was the day of our visit to Château de Versailles. The sheer opulence of this place was enough to make our jaws drop… especially with all the gold, gems, and chandeliers. No wonder there though because this place was the former palace of French kings and it was commissioned by King Louis XIV.

France, Day 5: Musée Du Louvre

We spent most of the afternoon during this day in Musée du Louvre. No need for introduction or further description on the Louvre because this is one of the very famous spots in Paris. I highly recommend that you buy tickets online (skip-the-line, if possible) as the lines can be really long.

France, Day 5: Musée d’Orsay

Hands down! Musée D’Orsay was the best museum we visited especially with their collection of Monet and Renoir paintings. But first, we started off our trip with sculptures and paintings in the second floor – some were by Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.

France, Day 4: More Paris Sights

Just like in PH, France celebrates its Labor Day on May 1. We took a chance to see if we can visit Palais Garnier but it was closed on that day. Some train stations were also closed and skipped by trains because of areas where the rallies were concentrated.

France, Day 2: Panthéon

Last stop for this day was Panthéon, where prominent French figures were buried such as Marie & Pierre Curie, Louis Braille, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, and Voltaire. It was previously a church designed to honor St. Genevieve.

France, Day 2: Paris Sights

M had to drop by his workplace so my sister and I explored a bit of Paris on our own. We first went to Arc de Triomphe, one of the famous landmarks in Paris. This monument honors the people who fought and died during the French Revolution and Napoleon Wars, with names of all the generals inscribed on the walls / pillars.