Germany, Day 6: Cologne Cathedral

APRIL 27, 2019

Our last city to visit in Germany! I was so excited to see Cologne Cathedral in person because even with just pictures, both the exterior and interior were beautiful.

I requested my sister to braid my hair for a change in hairstyle during this trip. Hehe.

COLOGNE CATHEDRAL is a display of Gothic architecture and considered as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Its two towers make it an icon both for the church and for the city. Also, Cologne Cathedral survived the bombing during WWII even if it sustained some damage.

I was trying to get a good shot of the whole cathedral just like this picture from TripSavvy…

However, it was raining and it was so cold that day that I could not bear to stay too long outside. I also tried putting far distance but my camera could not just capture it.

Here are some of my favorites inside the cathedral:

We had brunch in FRÜH AM DOM, which was just walking distance from Cologne Cathedral. All of us ordered the same thing – sausage and Kölsch, which is a style of beer unique to Cologne. Not that I can taste the difference but I must say, Kölsch tasted good.

Before we continued our itinerary, we went back to our Airbnb to put on additional layers of clothing because the temperature dropped to winter-like (below 5C).

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