Germany, Day 6: Charming Cologne

APRIL 27, 2019

Next stop was ST. GEREON’S BASILICA. There were only a few people around when we visited so the atmosphere was peaceful. I particularly liked the area where the organ was placed – the sun shone on the stained glass windows, giving a pink light vibe.

We did not have anything to do in the afternoon so we went to MOXXA CAFFE to grab warm coffee and stay indoors.

We really wanted to go to BEI OMA KLEINMANN to try their famous schnitzel but we were not able to make any reservation. So what we did was we went there before their opening hour (17:00) and checked if we would be accommodated as walk-in guests. Fortunately, they did but they told us we need to leave before 18:30 because guests with reservations would start to pour in. My sister and I shared one order of schnitzel with gravy sauce because it was huge.

After our early dinner, we went to KÖLN TRIANGLE, one of the famous viewing spots in the city. What I liked about this place was that it offered 360 panoramic view of the city. They even placed icons in some parts of the glass to indicate that in that direction, you could spot a certain famous landmark or area.

We wanted to see the HOHENZOLLERN BRIDGE with lights on but the wind was really strong that the other people around started to retreat. We just snapped some pictures then decided to head home early.

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