Germany, Day 4: Berlin Sights

APRIL 25, 2019

We first visited BRANDENBURGER TOR (Brandenburg Gate), especially because the other locations we want to visit were walking distance from there. It was originally a symbol of the division during Cold War but now, it has become a national symbol of peace and unity.

A short walk from there was the MEMORIAL TO THE MURDERED JEWS OF EUROPE. It was constructed as a memorial for the Holocaust victims but at the same time a grim warning to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

I was annoyed though by a few tourists who kept on taking pictures of themselves with the place – either selfies or IG/blogger pose. Talk about being insensitive.

While passing by the Tiergarten going to Reicstag Building, we saw the MEMORIAL TO THE SINTI AND ROMA OF EUROPE MURDERED UNDER NATIONAL SOCIALISM. The stones on the ground had every concentration camp carved into each. There was also a pool at the center where the triangular-shaped stone symbolized the badge worn by prisoners. According to articles online, a fresh flower is placed on the stone everyday.

When we reached REICHSTAG BUILDING, we found out that there were no more open time slot to visit the dome even for the next day. If you want to visit it, I highly suggest that you reserve online months before your visit.

We went to MUSTAFA’S GEMÜSE KEBAP for lunch and we were lucky that there were just 2 customers when we visited. My sister got the chicken döner while I ordered the chicken dürüm. The only difference was that she got it in a sandwich-like format while mine resembled a shawarma (pita bread).

Our last stop for the day was BERLINER DOM (Berlin Cathedral).

The exterior was being renovated at that time and we could see that some of the statues were already worn out. However, when we got inside, we couldn’t help but be in awe on how grand it looked like. The most striking part for me was the altar and the dome above it. The area with the organ was also majestic.

After we explored up until 2nd floor, we found an exhibit dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach. We stayed there for quite some time to listen to the musical pieces highlighted in the exhibit.

There was an option to climb about 400 steps to reach the rooftop and we took on that challenge. By the latter half, my legs were shaking seeing the steps and imagining how high we were already. The view though was so rewarding that I eventually forgot my fear.

We went back to our Airbnb to rest then had dinner at SAHARA IMBISS, as recommended by M’s friend. I ordered the chicken and falafel sandwich, and it was delicious!

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