Germany, Day 3: More München Moments

APRIL 24, 2019

We took some time trying to find the entrance to Munich Residenz because of the pin in Google Maps but that allowed us to explore this area nearby…

Apparently, we already passed by the entrance the previous day during the free walking tour. I was excited to see MUNICH RESIDENZ as it is the formal royal palace of House of Wittelsbach and it is considered as the largest city palace in Germany. My favorite part in the palace is seeing all rooms lavishly decorated with gold and chandeliers.

Before getting our luggage from J’s place, we grabbed some lunch at STEINHEIL 16. My sister and I shared one order of schnitzel and one order of Käsespätzle. Good decision because the serving size was too big for just one of us to finish. Both were really delicious and sad to say, I haven’t found any schnitzel or Käsespätzle in PH that can rival Steinheil 16’s.

Off to our next stop – Berlin, Germany!

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