Germany, Day 2: Neuschwanstein Castle

APRIL 23, 2019

Our day started with running for our dear lives to catch up with the train going to Füssen… we were so lucky that right after we set foot inside the train, the doors began closing in a few seconds. Had we been 30 seconds late, the train would have left us and the next ride would be after a few hours.

From Füssen Station, we took a bus going to the base of the castle. J bought our tickets online but we had to get a physical copy from the ticket office. After getting our tickets, we ate lunch first before going to the castle.

To go to the castle, there are 3 options available: shuttle bus, carriage, and by foot. We went for the shuttle bus option because 1) poor horses pulling up the carriage in an uphill and steep slope; 2) we still needed to walk from the drop-off bus stop so no to additional walking.

When we reached the end stop, a few minutes of walking and we were greeted with these beautiful views…

Hohenschwangau Castle

Finally, we were able to see NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE, which is said to be the inspiration for Walt Disney and Sleeping Beauty castles. No picture taking allowed inside the castle, except for the end part which was in the kitchen section. The time slot that J chose had a free tour guide included (instead of audiobook) so it was nice to know more about the history of the castle and King Ludwig II’s life.

After touring the castle, we went to Marienbrücke, which had the best vantage point to see Neuschwanstein Castle. A bit of climbing again before we reached this but it was worth the effort!

We went back to Munich afterwards and had dinner at HARLACHINGER JAGDSCHLÖSSL. I ordered Nuremberg Bratwurst and a glass of the weakest beer that they had. Haha!

Glad to end this day with these people. ❤

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