Italy, Day 7: Winery Experience in Chianti

APRIL 18, 2019

I had a coupon with Airbnb experience and because we had a half-day PM free time, I checked the previous day if we can go to a winery near Florence. Good thing we were able to find Mirko’s “Chianti In A Glass” experience (see more details here).

We took a train going to Montevarchi Terranuova and from there, Mirko picked us up along with the other guests. Mirko shared that aside from Airbnb experience, he also opened an option for overnight stays in case tourists want to spend more time in his winery.

He started touring us in different parts of his land, and told stories on the history of wine along the way. He also shared the general process on how they grow the fruits needed for creating their wine.

After about an hour of touring us around, it was time for some wine tasting! He served us 4 types of red wine, which varied in the year each was produced. The older red wines tasted stronger but at the end of the tasting, I could safely conclude that I really do not like red wine. Not a fan of alcohol so only white wine and rosé (which was not included) are the only types of wine I like.

Each of us was also given a plate of cold cuts and cheese to pair with each serving of wine we needed to taste. My sister really enjoyed the dessert part.

Before we left, we bought a big bottle of EVOO to take home with us. Mirko’s company produces this aside from bottles of different varieties of wine. There is also an option to order by case/box and he can ship this out to your home country. The Austrian couple with us actually did this for their order of wine bottles.

Highly recommend this Airbnb experience as every cent was worth it.

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