Italy, Day 7: Fancying Florence

APRIL 18, 2019

We were supposed to go to Florence Cathedral but their opening hour was different because of Holy Week.

We bought tickets instead to BATTISTERO DI SAN GIOVANNI, which was just across the cathedral. It is deemed to be the oldest religious site in Florence. The architecture was interesting for me because it resembled an octagon. The interior was even more beautiful – from the statues to the golden ceiling artwork.

A visit to a popular museum was next in our itinerary but after almost 3 hours of lining up and still not near the entrance / ticket booth, we gave up and had lunch at McDonald’s. We had a train to catch up for our Chianti winery experience.

After that short but memorable Chianti trip, we went to TRATTORIA ZÀ ZÀ for dinner. Good thing our Airbnb host was able to get us a reservation 2 days before this. I got the risotto with saffron, zucchini, prawns, and truffle; while my sister ordered the risotto with curry and shrimp. Both were really, really delicious but I preferred my order as the better risotto. I don’t think I would be able to eat that same kind of heavenly risotto in PH, sadly.

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