Germany, Day 6: Charming Cologne

Next stop was St. Gereon’s Basilica. There were only a few people around when we visited so the atmosphere was peaceful. I particularly liked the area where the organ was placed – the sun shone on the stained glass windows, giving a pink light vibe.

Germany, Day 5: More Berlin Sights

There was not much in our itinerary so we decided to wake up late and start with a Curry 36 brunch. The place is famous for its currywurst, which is my sister’s favorite. I ordered one serving but ended up ordering another one because it was good and I was really hungry.

Germany, Day 4: Berlin Sights

We first visited Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate), especially because the other locations we want to visit were walking distance from there. It was originally a symbol of the division during Cold War but now, it has become a national symbol of peace and unity.

Germany, Day 3: More München Moments

I was excited to see MUNICH RESIDENZ as it is the formal royal palace of House of Wittelsbach and it is considered as the largest city palace in Germany. My favorite part in the palace is seeing all rooms lavishly decorated with gold and chandeliers.

Germany, Day 1: München Moments

When we arrived at the central station, my high school friends (J & M) picked me up. Since J was staying and working in Munich, he was in charge of touring us around. We first went to Englischer Garten (English Garden), one of the largest urban parks in the world.

Italy, Day 10: Venice

Our last stop in Italy! We stayed in an Airbnb near the central station of Venice as the price was much cheaper. From the Airbnb, we hopped on a bus going straight to the popular area but we woke up early to beat the crowd.

Italy, Day 9: Milan

We left early the next morning to visit Duomo di Milano even if our tour was still in the afternoon. We went around the church to admire its exterior… it was so huge that it took us some minutes to finish going around.

Italy, Day 8: Florence Cathedral

As it was our last day in Florence, we wanted to make sure that we visit Florence Cathedral, a UNESCO Heritage Site. We lined up for more than 2 hours before we were able to go inside so it was a battle between boredom and fatigue from standing. When it was finally our turn to go inside, it was somehow underwhelming.