Japan, Day 6: Nagashima Spa Land

Even if the Mount Gozaisho trip was exhausting, I still had energy for the next mission of Day 6 in Japan: visit the Nagashima Resort area which has a theme park, water park, hot spring complex, outlet shopping mall, and flower park.

NOVEMBER 26, 2018

From Yunoyama-onsen, I took a train going to Kuwana Station. Then from there, I bought a bus ticket going to Nagashima Spa Land.

NAGASHIMA SPA LAND is the amusement park in the area, and it is considered as one of the best in Japan for those who love roller coasters. It is famous for the Steel Dragon 2000 and White Cyclone. However, White Cyclone has been closed permanently since January 2018 and will be replaced by Hybrid Coaster, another extreme roller coaster ride.

For someone who is not fond of roller coasters, it may be a mystery why I went to this place. I wanted to ride the Auror Ferris Wheel and check out what else I can ride which my heart can take.

During the bus ride to NSL, a Chinese couple mistook me for a Japanese so they asked how they could reach the place. I told them that I was headed for the same destination so I would just inform them when it was time to go down. The ride was almost 30 minutes and NSL was the last stop.

At the ticket booth, I bought the admission-only ticket (¥1,600) because the ride-all-you-can (¥4,100) would be a waste to me. With the ticket I bought, I had to pay up for every ride or attraction I will choose. Price ranged from ¥100-1,000.

After going around for a few minutes, Wild Mouse (¥400) was the first ride chosen. Overall, it was a slow ride except for the sudden (hard) turns and uphill-downhill tracks.

I only saw Steel Dragon 2000 up close but did not have the heart to ride it. Seeing the roller coaster train move along the track already made my stomach upset.

Aside from the height, what makes Steel Dragon extreme is the length of the track because it spans the entire length of the park.

I also passed by Arashi, another crazy and extreme ride. There were also “tamer” roller coasters which I was interested to ride but I wanted to see the other attractions first.

I kept on seeing hot air balloon-like gondolas going around so I followed the track to reach the entrance. It turned out to be Peter Rabbit Sky Liner (¥300) – a ride for kids. But hey, I’m a kid at heart so I happily rode this.

If I bought the ride-all-you-can ticket, I would have ridden it 2-3 more times. Went around some more then fell in line for the swan boat. It was my first time to ride one and it was fun! We only got one round though.

After that, I decided to go back to Jet Coaster (¥500) – a roller coaster without any loop.

Last ride for this visit

When it was time to leave, I saw a stall selling Cremia ice cream so what else to do but buy one. I didn’t mind the cold temperature because it was really good.

Time to go to Nabano no Sato, which will be in the next post.

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