Japan, Day 6: Gozaisho Ropeway

Quite an early start for my Day 6 in Japan to be able to explore MOUNT GOZAISHO in the morning. I was so excited to reach the summit but at the same time, a bit scared on how cold that morning will be. Problems of a tropical country citizen. Haha!

NOVEMBER 26, 2018

From Kintetsu-Nagoya Station, I rode a train to Kintetsu-Yokkaichi Station then from there, transferred to a train that would take me to Yunoyama-Onsen Station. If I had more time during this autumn trip, I would have stayed overnight in the place to try the onsen in the area. Anyway, as soon as I got off the train, I already felt that the temperature was colder than in the city. When the bus going to GOZAISHO ROPEWAY STATION arrived, I noticed two other old women who were in their hiking gear. I wondered if they were going to climb Mount Gozaisho without the help of a cable car…

When we reached the ropeway station, I immediately took a picture of the bus schedule going back to the train station so that I can time my activities in the mountain area. Near the ticket area, there was a board showing the temperature at the base vs the summit – it was 12C at the base then 4C at the summit. I was praying that I could endure the cold up there.

The cable car ride to the summit did not bore me because of the autumn scenery surrounding the mountains.

I was so excited with the scenery that I even walked from one side of the cable car to the other to take in all the sights that Gozaisho has to offer.

The whole ride to the summit lasted 15 minutes and it was good that they did not force people to group together when ascending the mountain. Leaving these few more pictures from the cable car ride. Next post will be about the experience at Mount Gozaisho. 😉

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