Japan, Day 2: Togetsukyo Bridge (revisit)

NOVEMBER 22, 2018

After exploring Sagano Bamboo Grove, I wanted to eat breakfast and I remembered that there was a Lawson near the intersection to Togetsukyo Bridge… and my memory didn’t fail me, yay!

What else to buy for breakfast but this pair – tuna mayo onigiri and hot tea. This is my go-to breakfast in Japan, to the point that some friends find it weird that I can eat tuna mayo onigiri everyday.

I wanted to eat by the Katsura River but it was drizzling. Good thing the rain stopped after finishing breakfast so walking to TOGETSUKYO BRIDGE was not a challenge…

Close up shot of trees in autumn colors

The weather was still gloomy but that didn’t stop me from feeling happy because of the autumn colors I could see. During my 2017 visit, the trees were either green or bare since it was still early spring (read it here).

Here is Togetsukyo bridge with the view from the opposite side (without the nice landscape scenery):

Back to the nicer view in this area:

I read before that there are river/boat tour being offered here. I wanted to try it but the thought of being splashed by water – even if just a tiny bit – on a very cold day already made me shiver. Haha!

Just on my second day in Japan but autumn already captured my heart. It made me understand why a lot of people love this season. ❤


      1. Not yet but I have visited the replica house of the Kusakabe family (My Neighbor Totoro). I haven’t posted about it yet though.

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