Mole Removal Procedure

This is not travel related but I figured that it might be helpful to others who are looking into mole removal procedures in PH, especially in Metro Manila. I searched for online forums regarding this topic but most are dated late 2000s to early 2010s, and did not mention any recommended doctor to do the procedure.

In 2014, my mole on the lower lip line area was still at its original dot size, but fast forward to 2016, I noticed it getting bigger. Even my family noticed it so I decided to go to two different dermatologists accredited by my HMO. They had conflicting recommendations as Doctor A recommended shaving the mole while Doctor B wants me to undergo surgery (local anaesthesia). It didn’t really bother me at that time so I didn’t proceed with removing it.

And now come this year, I noticed that it significantly got bigger and now bulging at the lower lip line. So I did a new round of research and I found a reputable derma clinic in Makati. Doctor C recommended surgery but told me that my lower lip line will be altered — 100% chance. I paid the 800-pesos consultation fee and asked some more follow up questions via SMS, including if she had previous experience with same case as mine. That question was dodged… so I never came back.

I decided to ask our new family doctor for a reco on dermatologist. She gave me Got Doc Bib’s contact (Dr. Genevieve De Guzman of CHI Skin and Laser Clinic). So I went there and gave her the whole history of my journey. She said that my lower lip line will definitely be altered BUT if I go to a cosmetic surgeon, that concern should not be an issue. She recommended Doc Brian Ang and reassured me that all patients she referred to him were happy with the results of their procedure.

That same week, I visited Doc Brian in his Cardinal Santos Medical Center clinic. He took a quick look on my mole after I shared all details and then told me that I didn’t have to worry with my lower lip line. I felt 100% confident with him so we chose a date for the procedure right away.

On the day of the procedure, no tedious preparation. I just brought myself and the Philhealth docs required to waive OR fees.

When Doc Brian arrived, we went inside one of the OR rooms. The nurse assisting him told me that it will be a very quick procedure — about 10 minutes or less.

My eyes and nose were covered with a thick cloth so that I won’t get “blinded” by the bright lights used during the procedure. Doc Brian started with injecting anaesthesia in my lips. I remember feeling 3 pricks then my lips started to numb (and feel super thick haha). This was the only painful part in the whole procedure, but the pain level is bearable. Take note that surface of the lips are thin hence more sensitive to pressure and pain.

Indeed it was quick because after what felt like 10 minutes (or even less), I could feel that Doc Brian was already stitching the wound. After putting a bandage on my lower lip, Doc Brian told me that he was successful in removing the mole so there is zero chance for it to come back. But he recommended to still have it undergo biopsy just to confirm his assessment that it is non-cancerous.


A week after, I went back to his clinic so that he can remove the remaining stitches. He also informed me that the biopsy declared the mole to be non-cancerous and completely removed. He prescribed a tube of Dermatix for so that the scarring will be reduced and the procedure area will be softer.

Now, almost 4 months has passed since the my mole was removed so here’s a before-and-after illustration. 🙂



Hope this post is helpful to those who are looking into mole removal. 🙂


  1. good evening Ms. Keanne 😁 Thank you so much for sharing you’re experience 💕 I’ve been searching for ages regarding on mole removal here in the Philippines, is it okay if I ask you how much? even just a estimated cost.

    1. Hi Katy! I had the same problem as yours because I read a lot of forums and even reached page 10+ in Google Search but didn’t find any useful info on mole removal surgery. On the cost, I paid 15k for my doctor’s PF while the fees incurred in the OR were waived because of Philhealth. 🙂

  2. Hi Anne, may i know the process for the OR fees to be waived? I’ve been planning to have my upper lip mole since it has also gotten bigger since 2011. Thanks for posting this. It is really helpful.

    1. Hi Jan! Sorry for the very late response as I was on a writing break since mid-2019. For the waived OR fees, you just need to secure specific Philhealth forms (forgot the numbers but ask your doctor and employer regarding these). Bring the accomplished forms with you on the day of the procedure and after that has been done, then proceed to the Philhealth office in the hospital. Show the incurred OR fees and the accomplished forms. Not sure if the exact steps work in other hospitals.

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