Singapore, Day 1: National Gallery

APRIL 20-21, 2017

Last April, I was one of the people in our team who got the opportunity to attend a training in SG for a new proprietary tool. It was just a one-day event so my teammates and I decided to extend our stay.

Not gonna narrate anymore what happened during the training but the highlight that day was our dinner in JUMBO SEAFOOD RESTAURANT. We all wanted to try the famous chili crab and C helped us get a reservation in the Dempsey Hill branch.

The staff attending to us informed us that the crabs they had that night were just “small” so we decided to order 1 chili crab per person. She looked in disbelief but we were not sure if we just imagined it…

Since the crab would take about 30 minutes to cook, we ordered cereal prawns and fried rice because we were already hungry.

After a lot of kwento, our chili crab finally arrived… Lo and behold! We were not imagining the look of disbelief in the staff who took our order. Their “small” crab turned out to be good for 2 people. LOL! Good thing we were still quite hungry so we were able to finish everything. We even paired the chili crab with fried mantou and what made it really yummy was when we dipped the bread in the chili crab sauce. YUM!!! Super busog dinner!

Included the spoon for reference, LOL

Next day was our free day and we decided to go to NATIONAL GALLERY SINGAPORE based on C’s recommendation. The place was absolutely huge and we most likely saw thousands of artworks.

We spent the whole morning going around the whole gallery. My friends know that I am not a big fan of art but here are some of the artworks that I really liked:

Expense of Spirit in a Waste of Shame by Suzanne Victor – artwork made after SG government decided to stop funding performance art in 1994
Flowers on Four Panels by Ju Lian – 1903
Merapi, Eruption by Day / Night by Raden Saleh
Espana y Filipinas by Juan Luna – 1884
Boschbrand (Forest Fire) by Raden Saleh – 1849
Port Scene by Mori Kinsen
Fishpond in Malabon by Fernando Cueto Amorsolo – 1942

Some more pictures I took during our trip in the gallery:


We had lunch at Din Tai Fung afterwards – menu is somewhat similar to PH branches but a few of the unique items were the century egg and roasted duck in wrapper.


We enjoyed everything we ordered in DTF. Good timing to be busog because our next stop was Gardens By The Bay.


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