Kansai, Day 11: Osaka

MARCH 16, 2017

Last day of our trip!!! T_T

J and I woke up early to go to Osaka Central Fish Market. We read that ENDO SUSHI is located there, which is considered as one of the best sushi restaurants in Osaka.

Taxi driver dropped us off near an intersection and pointed to the direction towards the fish market. So we walked and avoided some transportation carts in the area… Less busier than Tsukiji but still needed to exercise caution while walking. We eventually found the small restaurant and we were immediately assisted to a table. I got the “first plate” (anago, uni, tai, toro, hamachi) plus an extra order of tuna and salmon sushi.

We went back to our Airbnb after breakfast to do final pack up for our remaining luggage. We had some of our bags delivered to KIX the previous day via KURONEKO YAMATO in JR Namba Station (http://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/en/hands-freetravel/kinki/index.html#osaka_wrap). And because of this, we had less luggage to bring during this day. We still opted to leave our suitcase for the day in Kuroneko Yamato so that we can explore Dotonbori without worry.

Nothing much to do anymore in Dotonbori so we went to our lunch place and waited for about 30 minutes for its opening time. Behold, MATSUSAKAGYU YAKINIKU M, a restaurant well-known for its Matsusaka beef. This was recommended by my cousin and I am so glad that we followed her.

This was the most expensive meal I had in Japan so far… But every yen was worth it!!! J and I got the premium course which costs ¥7,800 per person. Cute, funny story here was that one of the staff who assisted us during cooking stared at us then eventually asked us if we were at Honke Shibato the previous night. We said yes with puzzled eyes… Turned out that she was the same staff who assisted us in that resto. 😊


Started off with these assorted appetizers… Reminded us of omakase style because it was the chef who decided what to serve for this set.


Then we got this first set of Matsusaka beef to grill – short rib with garlic sauce…


For the rice/noodles option, we both got this garlic rice…… THIS IS DEFINITELY A MUST ORDER!!! I took small bites so that I could savor this longer.

Garlic rice — nakakaiyak sa sarap!

Then we also had Matsusaka beef sushi which piqued our interest – marbled beef sushi and lean beef sushi…


The last set we got was composed of 4 different parts of Matsusaka beef – sirloin steak, flap meat, haneshita, kyukyoku.

The highlight of the course!!!

For the dessert, I chose ice cream with yuzu sherbet flavor and it was damn good!

After lunch, J and I bought mini Pablo cheesecakes to bring home. It was convenient for us to leave our luggage in Kuroneko Yamato because the airport limousine bus station is located nearby. We purchased tickets prior to exploring Dotonbori in the morning to make sure that we would not be late in the airport.

That finally concludes our long stay in Japan… Can’t wait to go back this year! 🙂



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