Year-ender post for 2012

Why does it feel like 2012 passed by like a breeze?

The year has the usual ups and downs but this year, I really felt the impact of people leaving my life. Well, they did not die literally but the bond/relationship we had did. The good times with these people will always be with me. Hopefully, we’ll be able to reconcile our differences in the near future. I guess this just proves that people do come and go. I also had a battle with myself where I contemplated if I have become agnostic or not. I did a lot of research, reflections, and muni-muni… Well, I have come to the conclusion that I still believe in God but not in every teaching that priests preach or claim to be the truth.

2012 let me experience a lot of firsts and these are just some of these firsts: First boyfriend who is now my first ex-boyfriend… but definitely not my first heartache. First public presentation for a research paper. First year in WordPress, yay! First visit to the Mind Museum. First time to attend a garden wedding. First time to watch a Cinemalaya film in UP Diliman. First time to wear Filipiniana outside school/university premises. First biglaang roadtrip. First time to attend a beach wedding. First time to watch the Lantern Parade alone. First baking session (and cupcakes turned out to be damn good!). First major haircut for the year, haha!


I am very thankful for all of the blessings this year such as gaining new friends, being accepted in the company where I want to do my internship,  and getting a part-time job in market research. I was also able to learn more about myself this year. I mean, hey, I’m a tough cookie pala. I may have cried buckets of tears during those times where I felt so hurt and so vulnerable but having a strong support system really helped me along the way. I can now say with a hundred percent conviction that my heart is now stronger, healed… and happier, perhaps. 😉

Survived yet another end-of-the-world prediction. So now, for the yearly to-do list or wish list. Mine includes being fit and healthier, do some travelling, get a stable job (and it should be something that I love), enhance my spiritual life, and hang out more with friends. Cheers to a fun-filled 2013, everyone! 😀

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