My Maroon 5 (and The Cab) concert ticket!

My Maroon 5 (and The Cab) concert ticket!

It was my first time to buy a concert ticket for myself since usually, a relative will always treat me to a concert. 🙂 I actually hesitated buying at first since it was very expensive but, after reading that The Cab would be their front act, I made up my mind right away. The Cab is actually one of my most, if not the most, favorite bands out there. My cousin gave me a free patron standing ticket to Smash Project, a concert last March, where the performers were The Cab, Cobra Starship, Dashboard Confessional, and The Used. Anyway, this ticket is also my birthday gift to myself since September 18 is my birthday. Will I get lucky that these two bands will greet me on that day? We’ll see. 😉

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